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5 of the Latest Trends in Web Design For Business Websites

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The internet provides the perfect venue for businesses to thrive in their industry. Nowadays, businesses can connect with customers and establish networks from all over the world. Innovations in web design have allowed for improved usability and accessibility for both providers and consumers. With ever-evolving web design trends, more and more business websites are starting to establish their presence in the world through various strategies in branding, marketing and even improving their business leads.

Mobility- The modern era of iPads, iPhones, Androids and other tablets and smartphones has enabled businesses to be easily accessible to their customers 24-7, regardless if their potential clients are on the road. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the most-used methods when it comes to browsing the internet. Therefore, it is essential that a business website supports mobile browsing. One type of web design that is usually associated to mobile web design is responsive web design. Responsive web design is used to describe the development of a site in such a way where the layout of the site provides flexibility to the user, no matter the screen size of the user’s browser.

Flashless Animation- During the early years of web design, the use of embedded flash applications was considered huge innovations. However, most mobile devices today are not capable of supporting Flash animation. Not only that, but Flash also takes forever to load and it is not really useful for businesses who are looking for high Google ranking as Flash does not carry out SEO advertising. Designers are finding different ways to use animation besides using Flash.

Typography- Typography plays a huge role in capturing the interest of users, especially when it comes to business web design. Websites used to be limited to the same old boring fonts and styles. Nowadays designers are incorporating much more imagination not only in the design, but also in the fonts used with a focus on standing out from the crowd and creating an appealing site.

Social Media- There is zero doubt that one of the main reasons why establishing connections all over the world is becoming easier is the explosion of social media. Incorporating social media onto business websites is one of the most important things you can do when designing your site. Social media makes it easier for the visitor to connect with you or your business and more importantly, connect with other visitors to your site. this “viral” nature is the new word of mouth advertising that has helped many businesses boom in a very short amount of time.

Less-cluttered, streamlined Designs- Sleek and modern sites are now taking over website designs which are very content-heavy. Users are starting to appreciate cleaner looking designs with more streamlined content and better image display. This approach is extremely useful when it comes to corporate web design as it provides a better display of the products and/or services that are being offered to the visitor.

Website design plays a vital role to the overall functionality of the website, especially when referring to business websites. For business owners, it is important that they pinpoint the goals they want to accomplish with their site along with any requirements they may have. It may also be beneficial for them to check out different web designs to draw some inspiration. They can then check with their developer to bounce ideas off of them for the design and feel of their site.

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